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See all the sights and fun Bessemer has to offer as our Alabama movers take you to your new home in Bessemer. Grab some delicious food, snap some photos, enjoy some of the many good restaurants in Birmingham. You can spend a full day in Grayton Beach State Park and enjoy the 2,000 acres of forest and coastline.

Keep an eye on the schedule at the seaside amphitheatre for entertainment nearby. Take a hike in Deer Lake State Park to enjoy nature and unique wildlife, or visit the highway indoor speedway events for families looking for more fun. If you enjoy South Walton Beach in Birmingham, you can explore everything else in Bessemer, from shopping and dining to hiking, biking, camping, fishing, kayaking and more. While planning your move to Bessemer, do not forget to include professional removal companies such as Sons of Moving & Storage in your plans.

The Residence Inn Marriott Birmingham - Hoover is a convenient and comfortable accommodation if you plan to stay in the Bessemer area for a while. If you book and stay in one of the cheapest properties in the city, you certainly won't feel like you're overspending your budget. Visitors can choose from a variety of hotel options that meet their needs, from one - bedroom, two - bed, three - room or four - bedroom. When you book, you can stay for as little as $1,000 per night or up to $2,500 per month.

This affordable, friendly hotel features a fitness center and outdoor pool, and is close enough to Bessemer City Hall and the Alabama State Capitol to have access to both.

If you want to consider alternative options, we recommend South Walton Beach at 30A, which is about the same distance from Birmingham. If you're looking for a beach outside Birmingham, consider a trip to the Gulf Coast. While Gulf Shores, Alabama's beaches are certainly a good choice for road trips, you won't know what to do. Outdoor enthusiasts have access to a variety of beaches, from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico down to some of the state's most beautiful beaches.

Commercial services in the region are provided by EKY Freight Services, Inc., based in Mobile, Alabama, north of Birmingham and south of Tallahassee, Florida, and provide commercial services to and from that region. E KY is also a popular destination for travelers visiting the Gulf Coast, which offers a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues as well as a number of restaurants and bars. The high-speed train between Mobile and Birmingham will provide timely freight options for businesses.

Visit to Bessemer in summer And you will find a variety of entertainment on any day of the year, from concerts and festivals to fishing and boating. Fans of the SEC Baseball Tournament will appreciate the short drive from Hoover to the Met, while musicians and fans will enjoy quick access to the Oak Mountain Amphitheater. You can see people fishing for perches, families enjoying time on pontoons and the pleasures of a boat.

If you move to Bessemer, you can be quite hungry, so take a quick bite from the complimentary breakfast buffet before setting off to catch your flight to Bessemer Airport. Founded in 1957, the restaurant is known for its roast pork and a variety of other barbecue facilities. Off to Sykes Barbecue to enjoy authentic, delicious Southern grill specialties. In our line charts you will find the most affordable dates for reservations in Besemer for your upcoming trips.

Visit the retro-style café called Lucille's Gossip Salon and grab fresh sushi from Basmati. If nightlife is more your style, head to Red Bar for one of the city's best beers. Founded in 2007, the friendly staff offers a wide selection of cocktails, crayfish stews and catfish boys. Enjoy the turquoise waters, enjoy a great event such as a crab fish cooking or take a bite at the local bar and grill.

As mentioned above, this place is tiny, has a cool neon sign and looks cool like a greasy spoon burger, but most days it's Sunday, and Sunday is closing time at 6 p.m.

When staying at the Quality Inn, you are right next to one of Birmingham's most popular restaurants. Nearby, many guests spend the day with their families, friends and relatives or just a quick visit to the local grocery store.

The Hyatt Regency Birmingham Wynfrey Hotel is right next to one of Birmingham's most popular restaurants. This hotel is just a short drive east of Bessemer and within walking distance of Aldridge Park, the largest park in Alabama. Attractions include the Alabama State Fairgrounds and Birmingham Botanical Garden, as well as many of the city's historic buildings and landmarks.

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More About Bessemer